Freeverse Poems

I have to admit I'm a fan of free verse poetry. It lifts the constraints of old style rhyming poetry and lets the writer run free with ideas. Prose writing can be as poetic as poetry, and I think poetry should have the nuance of prose.

Foolish Heart was written for the One Word Challenge on Writer's Talkback, and the word was 'Orange'. I favour free verse, and sometimes I write with no punctuation, or little, which sometimes lends to a better poem. This was the result, again one of my favourite poems.

Foolish Heart

I am a fool to myself
Dreams cast on a sentimental wind
Cloud tinted auras reflecting
Honey and orange
Sounds of chiffon through ripened trees
Tears are like dew, a silent cascade
Which spill against arid soil
I am a fool without laughter
Emptied and shaken, and
Fallen, like angels,
I am a fool to myself
To think you would ever love me.

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