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Going Home was written last year, which won the One Word Challenge on Writer's Talkback back in August 2009.  It was inspired by a trip overseas, and leaving someone special behind.  It's an example of my favourite style of poetry - free verse and without punctuation.

Going Home

I left early. You were still asleep.
Sunlight was poking through the remains of night
When I boarded the plane and took my seat. I left you a note. You’ll read it and weep
Glass tears on pearly pillows, gems of endearment
Or shards of hate that sink deep
I didn’t say goodbye. You would only crack
Or shatter without your protective glaze
When you learn of my flight, that I won’t be back.
I’ve set your watch. You will always know my time
Understand that distance is just a word
You’re ten hours ahead, I’m ten hours behind
I’ll think of you, when I see cotton candy clouds
Or miles of ocean, shimmering like turquoise chiffon
While seconds turn into minutes, and minutes turn into hours
And when I land, your day will be gone
Mine will have begun once again, caught in time
A day I live twice, to think about what I’ve done
I didn’t say just how much I will miss you.
I couldn’t find the words, not then, when it mattered
Or cradle your heart when you needed me to.
You’re like a galvanised jewel, set in mind
But even though I am finally home, I’m here,
You will always remind me what I left behind.

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