Heartbeat was written as an entry into the One Word Challenge over at Writer's Talkback, and since I like the unconventional, I opted for free verse with minimal punctuation.  It still remains one of my own personal favourite poems because I tried to capture that moment of fear that every new mother faces after giving birth to her baby.  Not easy, but it was a challenge that I enjoyed, and I think the emotion comes through succinctly.


Heartbeat, rhythm so soft,
A lullaby in the dark.
You clutch my fingers,
Sigh, and settle once more.
Yet my heart still races,
Spliced by fear,
Raised voices and panic
Still fresh in my mind.
My stomach plunged
When your heart stopped.
The doctor grabbed you,
I wanted to scream,
But my throat squeezed shut,
In a vice like grip,
And my eyes turned frantic
As you turned blue.
I watched through stinging tears,
Forgot my own pain
As they breathed life back into you
And started your heart,
To my relief, you cried out.
I thought I had lost you,
That swelling sickness,
That awful feeling of dread.
Now your heart beats, rhythm so soft,
A lullaby in the dark.
You’re barely one day old,
But how beautiful you are.

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