More Winners...

Another little flash fiction won a competition recently.  My fellow writing friend Lily Childs holds a weekly 100 word flash fiction competition, which is an excellent way of fine tuning one's micro fiction skills. I won last week's competition with Fell, the Breath, a slight breakaway from the norm of dark stories and instead this one touches on the subject of love.

If you fancy a flash fiction challenge, you can find Lily's blog here:

Fell, the Breath

A mere touch, supple like the haze of Spring and yet so cherished with colour like pale pigmented blossom, I finally broke through her concrete defences to reach in and grab the block of cold quartz where her heart should have been.

I opened the bedroom door; hand gestures and soft smiles unwrapped the delicate ribbons of trust. I watched her defences melt.

First contact of hands to silken skin; the chain that had for so long kept me at a distance finally dissolved. A captivated breath fell from my lips; the rush of love.

I was her first girl.


  1. So beautiful. Loved pale pigmented blossom - it's such an apt and gorgeous description. Fell, the Breath was a very worthy winner.

    Thanks for mentioning The Feardom!

  2. Thanks Lily.

    And you're welcome, trying to spread the word...