Winning Flash Fiction

I'm pleased that my flash fiction story, A Bad Colour, has recently won Lily's Friday Predictions, over at Lily Child's Feardom.  This story was inspired by recent events of prejudice and bigotry and how they can affect people's lives.  Of course, it's not just the human ability to prejudge, it's the infallible ability to misunderstand.

A Bad Colour

Amber slices projected through the trees, the haze of the fire began to swell. The hint of burnt sienna wafted close, scorched a path beneath their noses.

Rope fibres moaned as they became taut, to temper the weight.

Shadows appeared through the smoke, circled him. Milk coloured robes flapped in the breeze, bathed by the fire glow, their faces hidden by hoods.

Red over black; the colour of life slinked down his skin, snaked down the channels they had gouged through his flesh. Open viscera gleamed.

He swung from the tree as the cross burned; the price for being different.