Another winner...

For those who are regulars to Lily's Feardom, the weekly flash fiction Friday Prediction challenge provides the opportunity to stretch one's writing muscles by constructing a flash piece around three pre-chosen words.  My piece 'The Road to Kigali' won, judged by fellow scribe R.S. Bohn. 

The words leaped out at me and demanded I write this piece.  The dark side of human nature fascinates me and this dark episode in human history still lingers.  How unfortunate it is then that humanity can still act so atrociously.  We never learn.

The Road to Kigali

Their semen glimmered like a garland of bloody pearls around her fleshy purse. Heart stilled by the fear they’d forced on her, she stared up at the sky, eyes locked, as though wresting the stars from the darkness.

Moments earlier, she’d sucked in her last breath.

Wide open wounds glistened as a dark shroud began to spread from a body that resembled a slaughtered pig.

Their saliva had already dried against her skin, leaving a sullied sheen.

The Hutus walked away into the evening; machete blades moist with coital residue, dragging the remains of the baby she would have had.

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  1. I said it on Lily's the other day and I'll say it again. This is so good, the imagery of it just won't go away! Great writing, Ally!