Frightful Flash

Thanks to Lily Childs at the Feardom, for choosing Confluence as the winner of last week's Friday Flash.  The title refers to the coming together of fear and loathing and music and hunger.  The emerging character of Hackett - aptly titled - is proving himself quite a character - one that I want to continue to experiment with.


A billowing violet flourish, a fanfare. The sound of the opera in the background transcended the stink of fear and drowned out the man’s screams.

The high-pitched wailing grated on Hackett’s nerves.

The first slice cut through the larynx and instantly silenced; followed by a deeper cut which carved through sinew and muscles and slowly, deliberately, separated head from the neck.

The eyes fascinated Hackett; the tongue had become slack, but the terror bloomed in the man’s expression. Pain, death. Last moments captured.

Nerves made the man’s mouth twitch madly in a silent scream.

It was time for dinner.

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