Good things come in small packages

It's been a very busy few months with the second novel in its third draft, short stories and poems for various anthologies, critiques for clients and various competitions.  A writer's work is never done.

A flash fiction story called Resurrection won first place over at Lily Child's Feardom, inspired by and using three words - Legionnaire, envelope and scry.  Not exactly the easiest words to work with, but a challenge nevertheless, and writers love a challenge.


Shallow thoughts and sallow eyes - she stared at the churned earth, scrying ghostly images in her mind, wresting death from its muddy hole to invite the light.

She held a sullied, rotted leather pouch in her hands, like a prayer book, careful not to disturb the disintegrated envelope scattered inside. 

The suffocating cloud of time slowly lifted on the Legionnaire’s last days; broken words on perished paper to loved ones back home; now lost and forgotten and blemished.

Urged by a breeze, the garnished green fields of Champagne wafted at her feet.

As one by one, his bones emerged.

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