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After much faffing and frustration, Blood of the Father is now available on Amazon Kindle US and UK.  This started out life almost a decade ago, then family and life and other writing work got in the way, so it took a while to get it completed. 

Now that it is out of the way, it leaves me to concentrate on the finishing touches to Red Snow (based on the short story Red Snow of Vledovka), and on the followed up, Red Dawn, together with the much anticipated Hackett novel, Modern Psycho.  It's quite a task I have ahead, as I'll be writing both novels at the same time, but I do like a challenge.

If you like your characters tough and uncompromising, and the hint of bloody revenge gives you a thrill, then have a read.

Blood of The Father - Amazon UK

Blood of The Father - Amazon US

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  1. I like your articles, A.J., very informative. I have no right to even suggest it, but I wonder if you might want to consider removing your book 'Blood of the Father' from Kindle, checking for those errors mentioned by an unkind reviewer, then upload it again. The review would disappear as well.