Back in the Saddle

The dust is finally settling after the trauma of the last six months - these things have a knack of getting in the way of writing, but now that 2013 is underway and 2012 is a memory, I'm back in the saddle of creativity and back to doing what I do best - writing.

It's been a good start so far - lots of work in upcoming anthologies, some winning pieces of fiction, which are always a bonus, and work continues on three novels.

And 15th April sees the official launch of the Sunday Snaps Anthology by Susan James, and available through Chuffed Books Ltd, which is a collection of poetry and fiction based on some stunning landscape and portrait photographs.  The book has been put together for charity.

So far, so good.

2013 is looking pretty tasty as far as writing is concerned.  Just have to wait and see.

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  1. Dear AJ,

    Firstly, my apologies for posting this here, as I couldn't find your email address.

    Forgotten Tomb Press just recently opened submissions for Miseria's Chorale, a non-paying horror anthology to be headlined by some of the best writers from around the world.

    Since we do not have much in the way of exposure, we are busy personally inviting contributors. We would like to make this project into something special, and we believe your talent could greatly bolster the anthology.

    Please have a look at the short, concise submission guidelines for Miseria's Chorale:

    Current Lineup:
    - Becoming The Beast by Christian A Larsen
    - Visit by Richard Godwin
    - From Suicide Station by Adam Millard
    - Give Me Convenience by Shaun Meeks
    - King of a Distant Star by Tim Jeffreys
    - The Wind by Ryan Neil Falcone
    - Thrall by Richard Farren Barber
    - Because The Night Is Dark And Full Of Monsters by Sergio Palumbo

    If you are interested in being a part of this for-the-love project, we eagerly anticipate your entry. Thank you for your time.


    David Nell
    Forgotten Tomb Press