I confess to not being a great poet, but I do like to dabble. The Colour of Desire is a poem entry for the One Word Challenge on Writer's Talkback, and one I was pretty pleased with. The word was, simply, 'Desire'.

Colour of Desire

If desire were a colour, what would it be?
Purple, red, or black maybe?
If need could be defined in shades of grey,
How then would I ask you, what would you say?
I dream of you nightly, in deep golden hue,
Flooded by pastels; the mere thought of you,
Fills me with colour, you brighten my life,
I am silver patterns on cold, ceramic white.
Do you see me in colour, like I see you?
Maybe you like to paint your dreams, too.
My desire for you is like a cadmium glow,
Somehow, I think, you may never know,
Or understand beauty in colours or shades,
How quickly the simplicity of black and white fades.
If longing could disperse like ink on a pad,
Then my yearning for you wouldn’t be so bad,
But it hesitates and stutters, a colour unto itself,
A dull, metallic sheen; like a tin on the shelf.
If desire were a colour, what would it be?
And if you could see colour, would you see me?

1 comment:

  1. Hehe, picked by me, that word.

    It was almost a double winner, too. I loved it.

    Pixie x