One of my favourite flash fiction pieces is called Lily White, written for the One Word Challenge on Writers Talkback, which won. The lily white in the title refers to the colour of the girl's skin, and the hint of innocence.

The subject matter is merely hinted at, rather than described in full. Sometimes less is more.

Lily White


Smile for me. Let me take another picture of you. Let me see your lily white skin. So ethereal, so beautifully framed by your cherry red hair.


‘Turn to me. Smile. Just slip the strap over your shoulder. Don’t worry, no one can see us. That’s why I closed the curtains. Don’t want people prying, do we?’
She shook her head. So trusting.


From somewhere in the deepest part of my stomach I felt the darkest desire ferment and bubble, brewing urges, the kind I spent years trying so hard to ignore, but couldn’t.

My finger hovered over the shutter release. I watched her as she moved, her shadow reflecting in my eyes. I blinked slowly.

‘Why don’t you take down the other strap?’ I urged.

Hair fell about her porcelain shoulders as she pulled down the thin strap of her top. She looked up at me, blue hue from her eyes finding a way through the grey cloud hugging the front room, and instantly my desire throbbed forcefully into my bloodstream.

I looked at my watch. I stood. Time to feed the desire.

She looked up, plaintive. ‘Daddy, when will mummy be home?’


  1. I remember the first time I read this, and I was like..OMG...mouth agape for like, a minute. (I use like too much)

    Very good, and very good shock tactics m'lady :)

    Pixie x

  2. I remember this on TB too. A great piece with a great ending - big swallow at the end is how I'd describe my reaction !
    Keep it up !