Runner Up...

Thanks to Lily Childs for picking my little flash piece, Just Another Echo, as runner up for the Friday Prediction challenge over at the Feardom.

It's reflection of something that happens on most streets in most major cities around the world, and the title reflects how society perceives those who find themselves coping on the streets, and how they are victims of our ignorance.

Just Another Echo

The wretch in her eyes shrank behind the shadows that swallowed her sullen flesh.

Shapes oozed into focus before vanishing into a dull blur, leaving her squinting.

Sounds...slipping in and out of her velvet-tinted haze with a slow coiling resonance, like a soft burr, an aching hum.

Muscle fibres tautened around her torso, rippled around her ribs. Vomit spilled down crumpled, soiled clothes but she barely noticed.

She looked up from her stooped position; people drifted by, unaware of her pain.

She was just another echo through the cold damp streets.

No matter. She lifted the bottle, took another sip.


  1. Powerful and dark. Love the language and the great finish. What we do to ourselves in the shadow of the beast.

  2. Thanks Erin! Appreciate the feedback.

  3. Great story, thanks for sharing.