Holiday inspired poetry

I recently returned from the gorgeous south Aegean island of Kos, which inspired a some writing.  I sat on the beach on a beautiful, cloudless hot day and looked across the ocean towards Rhodes and the clipped mountains of Turkey, and a poem, Sky Blue, popped into my head.

I am a sucker for Greek mythology, and since I was staying in the land of the greatest of mythological characters, I couldn't resist having a play.

Sky Blue

Indigo hue replete
She ripples and glistens
Reflecting her silvery charms
A Goddess, bathing beneath
The sultry breath of Helios.
Her shimmering emerald hints
Refract his light
And summon sapphire shards
That quicken across her supple surface
With a darkening, sensual allure.
She is sky blue in all her beauty
Sky blue beneath the waves
Voluptuous around Ionian Islands
Her subtle whispers in the surf;
Amphitrite, ascending.

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