Another winning piece...

Lily's weekly Friday Flash, over at the Feardom, provides a melting pot of inspiration by way of three chosen words used in a piece of flash fiction no more than 100 words in length.  Last week's words of Observe, Pit and Structure produced some imaginative pieces, and mine, The Unwatered Well, was chosen as winner.

The words instantly gave rise to something dark and disturbing.  For those who like their fiction horrifically dark and twisted, do give the Feardom a visit.

The Unwatered Well

The writhing awoke him.

Wind coiled around the circular structure; whistled between the cracks. The light above speckled his blood-smeared vision.

The stench ripped at his senses. Deep moans and squelches filled the cramped darkness. He tried to move, but couldn’t find anything solid to lean against; his hands sank into the soft, malleable flesh of those beneath him; sticky, slippery; skin against skin.

He lifted a hand, observed the way it glistened with dead men’s entrails.

He stared up from the pit. Warm lumps splattered against his face; blood, flesh and shit.

They were filling up the unwatered well.

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