Writing about nice things in life...

I recently entered this poem for a competition, and although it never got anywhere - some you win, some you lose - it was on a subject that I rarely write about - love.  I primarily write dark material, psychological and social horror, and thrillers, so I found this a challenge to write about the nice things in life. 

Colour of Desire was written last year for another competition, so I took the original material and shaped a new poem from it, looking at love as though through the medium of colour; if we could see emotions shaped by shades.

Colour of Desire

If desire were a colour, what would it be?
Purple or red, or black maybe?
If need could be defined in shades of grey,
How then would I ask you, what would you say?
I dream of you nightly, in deep rustic hue,
Flooded by pastels; blessed yellow and blue,
I’ve pictured you replete, in ribbons of white,
You fill me with colour and brighten my life,
A soliloquy unburdened by refrain or doubt,
Smoothed by the fingers of love, we flout,
Golden rings that revel in light,
Softly reflecting from hands clasped tight,
You are the saffron haze that tickles the light,
I am silver patterns on cold ceramic white.
Do you see me in colour, as I see you?
Maybe you paint me in your dreams, too.
The colour of desire is a deep honey glow,
Somehow, I think, you may never know,
Or understand beauty in colours or shades,
How quickly the simplicity of black and white fades.
If longing could disperse like ink on a pad,
Then my yearning for you wouldn’t be so bad,
But my love is a colour unto itself, the
Soft, metallic sheen; like a tin on the shelf.
If desire were a colour, what would it be?
The colour of love, when you married me.

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